Monday, 3 September 2012

Why do i take pictures

Someone asked me the other day why i did the types of images that i do, do you know i found it hard to answer and needed some time to answer them directly.

This really had a profound effect on my thinking of why i still love Photography after 30 odd years and why it keeps me looking for that next photographic challenge.

Today you will not see any new images or ramblings on about how good the Nikon D4 is, just some thoughts on why i do what i do!

Photography is really a life long journey, where we learn to appreciate the world that we live in, as photographers we are so lucky to see the world in a different way to other people. There is no destination in photography just where we fancy going. Is my work better than anyone else i know, i doubt it but i don’t worry about how good others are, but i do love to learn from seeing others work to improve my personal images.

Photography for me these days is about sharing a place and a time and more importantly the light with friends when taking pictures. It is the joy of holding the camera and my beloved lens the 200 f2 to create something from nothing. Over the years there are so many stories to who we are as photographers, the things we have done and seen, be thankful as most other people don’t get to do the things we do and see in life.

Learn from others around you, and enjoy the successes along the way, may be they may enjoy yours too.  Learn from their vision, creativity and skill sets. I see so many good new photographers up and coming, bring new ideas, creativity to the table but in many cases lacking the skills to achieve what they want from the images. Today i enjoy giving something back, may be just like those that helped and inspired me when i was younger. The rewards from this alone im finding exciting these days.

Find the passion, over the years i have come to realise that you have to love the subject that you shoot and know what it is you are taking, for me in the early days it was Cars. Today you will notice that is what i have been doing this year, going back to my original photographic subject after many years not shooting them, im really enjoying photography again! Being outside in the forest come rain snow or dust has been great.
You will never find real photographic success trying to photograph things that simply does not interest you. An understanding of your subject will open your eyes to see so much more creativity in a subject.

Experiment is a "key word" in Photography and very underestimated; if you don’t experiment you will never move forwards, digital cameras have allowed us to do just that. Whilst we can see the images on the back of the camera it is great to be able to see them on a large screen. This allows us to manipulate and change an image as we like. But what if we got it right in the camera in the first place, wouldn’t that make us a better photographer altogether, yes it would.   Learn to use the best of Digital but shoot better, this is something the latest generation of up and coming photographer don’t seem to do, how many would have survived the film days?.  We learn by making mistakes on all roads in live why should it be any different with photography?

When you do go out to take pictures the single most important thing is "enjoyment"!  If your not enjoying it what is the point, I’m at an age that if it’s not fun or im not enjoying what im doing, i still need the interest that started all those years ago that got me taking images in the first place.  The love of photography i don’t think will ever go away from me, but if you’re not enjoying the company or the "photography" it’s simply not the right hobby for you. Get out and take pictures is the only way to get better at this hobby, experience and creativity come from experimenting.

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